How To Fix Garage Door Cable

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    How To Fix Garage Door Cable

    A garage door is a massive moving part of your house.

    It takes up to 40% of your curb appeal.

    It’s only essential to take care of this with proper maintenance and repair.

    Just like at the inception of the installation, you should be keen enough to choose the appropriate components.

    Therefore, when everything is in order, you anticipate the garage to go up and down as needed, parking your car in, driving it out, or opening it to do some cleaning.

    Whenever something turns out badly with it, moving this becomes way more difficult.

    What is the Purpose of a Garage Door Cable?

    The cables, on both ends of the door, work with both torsional and extended springs.

    This component allows the garage door to move up and down.

    Once one cable fails, it puts more strain on the other, triggering it to collapse as well.

    These cables are connected to the garage door’s bottom and in the cable drum on both sides of a torsion spring axle.

    The doorway raises or closes as its torsion spring twists the drums, and the wires wrap or unwrap around the drum.

    Whenever the doors are lowered, the spring unwinds, assisting in the movement of the door’s weight.

    Option 1: Replacement

    Once the garage door cable gets worn out or damaged, you should change it right away.

    1. The first step is to relieve the strain from the cable. Switch off the garage door opener, then completely open your garage door.
    2. Install c-clamps across both sides of the garage door to guarantee that it remains open.
    3. After that, it’s a simple process of unhooking the springs, then removing the damaged cable off it.
    4. Start installing the replacement cable and reattach the springs on the garage door.
    5. Next, release the c-clamps and reconnect your garage door opener. This should allow you to test your door and confirm that everything is placed properly.

    Remember that you should open wide the garage door to complete this restoration.

    You must ensure that the spring tensions were released.

    And if it’s not, you run the risk of injuring yourself once you try to unlatch them.

    Make sure to do so before attempting the replacement.

    Call a professional help whenever you’re unsure about handling this by yourself.

    Joaquin Garage Doors is a trusted full-service garage repair in Fresno.

    We’re available 24/7, offering additional services for garage door installation in Fresno.

    Watch this video on how to fix garage door cable to assess if you can do this.

    Option 2: Safety Checking-Repair of the Cable

    Trying to replace the garage door cable might not be the only method to preserve your door’s reliability.

    1. Try to fix the springs.

    In addition to cables, your springs on the garage door need to be fixed.

    This one is critical because, as previously stated, broken springs present a serious threat to you.

    It’s a task often best left with technicians, but if you’re capable, you can fix this yourself.

    Notice that if one spring requires replacement, it’s better to change all of them because they wore out evenly through time.

    2. Tweak your garage door detector.

    A garage door sensor lies at the foot from either corner of a garage door path, is in charge of ensuring that the area is clear once letting the garage door shut.

    It also helps to avoid damage to the property and, more notably, physical harm to people.

    A garage door sensor may occasionally become misaligned, so in that case, make adjustments.

    3. Try to test your garage door reversing system.

    You must ensure that the auto-reverse feature of the garage door is operational.

    To accomplish this, position a plank of wood throughout the track of your garage door and try to close it.

    When the feature is functioning properly, the door could pull it back up before hitting it.

    Then if that doesn’t work, try cleaning its photo eyes, as well as adjusting the auto-reverse configurations directed in your manual.

    4. Observe your garage door paths.

    The garage door runs upon its tracks, which must be in good condition.

    Unless they’re warped or deformed, the door might not even open properly or even swoop the pace completely.

    This is more common than you might think, so remember to check them daily.

    Less severe dents can be delicately hammered out, although in some cases, they must be replaced.


    Garage door cables are one of the most complicated components of garage doors.

    If these start to wear out, consider replacing this.

    It’s the safest way to make your driveway operational again.

    Always seek professional help if you’re not a technician.

    In that way, you could prevent possible injuries in your home.

    At Joaquin Garage Doors, we can work with you anywhere in Fresno on how to how to fix garage door cable.

    We also offer garage door installation, repairs, and maintenance.

    Give us a call today to know more about us.

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