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    Garage Door Spring Replacement Services

    Garage Door Spring Replacement Services in Fresno and Surrounding Areas

    In plain sight, one can make the mistake of seeing garage doors as a simple part of a house. Some could even simplify them as big doors that allow things bigger than a human inside.

    But in reality, garage doors have so many differences from normal house doors.

    For one, most garage doors do not have knobs or hinges and opens and close in the vertical direction.

    Its parts are also much more complex. One worn and broken part could lead to your garage door not open and close right.

    One of its key parts that can stop your garage door from functioning well if broken is its springs.

    What are Garage Door Springs?

    These springs are important in evening out the garage door’s weight to make it easier to open and close.

    There are lots of garage door springs for every garage door model out there. In replacing springs for your garage doors, knowing which springs is fit for it is important.

    Types of Garage Door Springs

    Garage door springs have two categories: Extension Springs and Torsion Springs.

    The first category is the Extension Spring. These springs are long, skinny and are often mounted parallel to the tracks of the garage door.

    When the door moves, these springs extend along with it.

    The three types of extension springs are:

    • Open-looped Springs. The least resilient of the three types and needs replacing when a part breaks.
    • Double-looped Springs. Stronger than the open-looped type.
    • Clipped-end Springs. The strongest of the three. Often used for heavier garage door models.

    The other category is the Torsion Spring. Garage Doors can have as much as four of these attached depending on how big it is.

    These springs are broad and are usually connects to a steel shaft over the door opening.

    The types of torsion springs are as follows:

    • Standard torsion springs. Usually used in residential garage door models. Good for light doors that can work with only one spring.
    • Early-set torsion springs. Similar in nature to standard torsion springs.
    • Steel rolling-door springs. Often used for commercial garage doors, Usually inside a torsion barrel.
    • Torque-master Torsion Springs

    Garage Door Spring Repair Tips

    There are also a lot of garage door issues that you can handle on your own without a technician’s help.

    If you can fix garage door springs problems yourself, you can cut your expenses for repairs.

    It also gives you fewer reasons to always call for quick repairs from your local repairmen.

    Here are some tips on how you can fix minor issues on your garage door spring:

    • Look for spring replacement DIY videos online
    • Buy specific springs for your garage door model
    • Follow basic spring replacement procedures from the video

    And if problems with your garage door springs persist, do not force yourself to fix the issue.

    In cases like these, technicians may be the best suited to fix these kinds of problems.

    For all your garage door repair and maintenance concerns, do not delay much further.

    Call Joaquin Garage Door Repair for garage door maintenance services in Fresno today!

    Got Problems Opening or Closing your Garage Door? Call Joaquin Garage Door Repairs Now!

    If your garage door has problems opening or closing because of its springs, we can help you.

    Call Joaquin Garage Door Repair and we will send our technicians to fix it immediately.

    As our mission, we aim to serve you, our clients, with professionalism and punctuality at all times.

    We offer same-day services to make sure we deliver an immediate fix to your garage door problems.

    Once there, our technicians also offer free inspection and cost estimates.

    With great reviews on Yelp and Facebook, we serve to make clients 100% satisfied with our services.

    Garage Door Spring Issues we Fix

    For your garage door spring concerns, we will offer you the following services:

    • Inspection of Garage Door Springs
    • Repair of Existing Garage Door Springs
    • Replacement of New Garage Door Springs

    And our garage door services are not only limited to the ones listed. We can also provide garage door structural and safety feature repairs for you.

    Call NOW and get the best garage door service deals in Fresno today!

    We provide FREE estimates.

    If you’re living in Fresno, come and call Joaquin Garage Door for estimates NOW!

    We’ll provide you with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) upon request.

    Garage Door Repair is only one of the many garage door services our company offers.

    Learn how we can help you. Message us now.

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