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    Garage Door Repair Services

    Garage doors may be bigger than normal doors in your home, but both still serve the same function.

    Both doors keep your homes safe from a home invasion and house thieves.

    A normal garage is spacious enough for you to keep your car and personal belongings there.

    As such, a functioning garage door is necessary to provide security to all items inside it.

    If your garage door breaks, it becomes a safety and security risk for you and your belongings at home.

    Before it puts your family’s lives at risk, learn to find its problem before taking further action.

    Common Inspection Procedures:

    Garage Door Maintenance is key for anyone to stop paying more money for garage door repairs.

    If done right, regular maintenance and checkup of your garage’s main mode of security can save you lots of money.

    It also gives you fewer reasons to always go for quick repairs from your local garage door repairmen.

    Here are some basic maintenance procedures you can try to fix minor garage door problems:

    • Examine Garage Door Rollers and Tracks. Check to see if your garage door rollers and tracks need cleaning and lubricating.
      For worn-out rollers, you can replace them with new ones for them to operate better.
    • Examine Garage Door Hardware. Tighten the screws and bolts on your garage door in case they are loose.
    • Look for Issues that Need Professional Help. Sometimes, some problems may seem small and enough for normal people to take on.
      But upon close inspection, some of them may need professionals to work on them instead.

    These issues may come up in the inspection that professional technicians do best:

    • damaged cables and pulleys,
    • broken autoreverse function, and,
    • unbalanced doors.

    There are also a lot of garage door issues that you can handle on your own without a technician’s help.

    For example, noisy garage doors are easy to solve with routine maintenance. But noise caused by worn-out parts may be trickier for local homeowners to fix.

    As such, technicians may be the best suited to fix these kinds of problems.

    For all your garage door repair and maintenance concerns, do not delay much further.

    Call Joaquin Garage Door Repair for garage door maintenance services in Fresno today!

    Joaquin Garage Doors

    With great reviews on Yelp and Facebook, we serve to make clients 100% satisfied with our services.

    Our technicians aim to serve our clients with expertise and punctuality at all times.

    We offer same-day services to make sure we deliver an immediate fix to your garage door problems.

    And for garage door repairs and maintenance concerns, we offer a variety of services for you!

    Garage Door Issues we Fix

    For garage door issues needing professional help, our technicians are here to help!

    As trained professionals, they are ready to take on garage door problems such as:

    Worn-out Garage Door Springs. Uneven garage door balance problems are most common when its springs wearing out. If not replaced, your garage door makes it harder for its motor to open it.
    Our technicians offer garage door spring replacements for these types of problems.

    Worn and Damaged Cables and Pulleys. Despite being one of its most delicate parts, cables also play a crucial role for garage doors to work.
    In general, it supports the garage door’s weight as it opens and closes, and will stop it from working if broken.

    Our business sends out our capable technicians to carry out the task of replacing its cables for you.

    Garage Door Rails. Your garage doors may not open and close right if your door rails need fixing.
    We offer both repairs on your existing tracks and replacement if you need new ones.

    Garage Door Openers. Most modern garage doors have this as an added feature for convenience.
    Our technicians can offer repairs on broken garage door openers. They can also install new ones for you with relative ease.

    And our garage door services are not only limited to the ones listed. We can also provide garage door structural and safety feature repairs for you.

    Call NOW and get the best garage door service deals in Fresno today!

    We provide FREE estimates.

    If you’re living in Fresno, come and call Joaquin Garage Door for estimates NOW!

    We’ll provide you with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) upon request.

    Garage Door Repair is only one of the many garage door services our company offers.

    Learn how we can help you. Message us now.

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