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    Garage Door Cable Repair

    Looking for a Garage Door Cable Repair Expert in Fresno?

    Garage doors have evolved throughout time.

    While many are still using manually operated garage doors, several people are now switching to app-controlled garage systems.

    But despite the technological evolution of garage doors, one component is left unchanged–the garage door cable.

    No matter how technologically advanced your garage system is, your garage doors will always have cables.

    They serve as the lifeline of your garage doors. If they’re busted, your garage door system is useless.

    What causes garage door cables to come off?

    Busted Torsion String

    If the spring on your garage door system breaks, your door will come crashing down.

    This is why it’s advisable to install two springs on your garage doors because the other one will serve as a cushion to hold the door if the other one breaks.

    This will give you enough time to ask for professional help.

    Garage Door Hit an Object

    If your garage door hits a certain object, the cable can slip off the drums.

    Hence, it’s necessary to ensure the door doesn’t hit anything. It would help to install auto-reverse mechanisms on your garage systems.

    This feature prevents the door from closing when there are objects on the floor.

    Wrong configuration of the Spring

    Different door sizes require varied amounts of spring tension.

    Usually, it’s configured during the installation of your garage door system.

    When the spring is set with the wrong amount of tension, problems can happen with the cables.

    For example, a spring with too much tension causes cables to slip off the drum, while a spring with weak tension causes cables to unwind.

    Garage Door is Exposed to Extra Manual Force

    The most convenient, yet more expensive option is to use automatic garage doors.

    But if you want the more affordable one, you may have to offer some manual force to keep your garage system up and running.

    The downside of this is that you may apply excessive manual force when opening and closing your door.

    Too much force will cause the cables to slip off. So, to avoid this, be gentle.

    Cables or Drums Have the Wrong Size

    Your cable should be congruent to the size of your door.

    Hence, the heavier your door, the heavier your cable should be.

    If your cable is too small for the size of your door, it will eventually fray and break.

    Moreover, the drums of your garage door system should also be in accordance with the height of the door.

    For doors that are taller, you also need to install a larger drum that should hold a longer cable length.

    Corrosion Due to Wet Environment

    If your area has a lot of moisture, corrosion usually occurs.

    This chemical reaction causes rusting on the components of your garage door system. If left unattended, this will eventually lead to cable weakening or breaking.

    When Should You Call for Professional Help?

    Garage doors that are poorly installed and maintained wear out faster which causes problems with cables to break or slip.

    If you think that you’re able to save by doing the installation or repair yourself, then you may pay a bigger price later on.

    By hiring professionals in doing installations and repairs, you’ll be assured that you won’t run into problems, at least for a long time.

    Advantages of Hiring Seasoned Professionals

    1. They are knowledgeable and have undergone proper training.

    2. They have the necessary tools to perform their tasks efficiently.

    3. They offer quick services, so you won’t have to bear the burden of busted garage doors for days.

    4. Surprisingly, you’ll save money by hiring them.

    If you do the repair yourself, you may need to buy tools you don’t really need on a daily basis.

    Plus, you may purchase the wrong parts since you only have limited knowledge and skills.

    With professionals, you’ll avoid these problems.

    5. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your garage door system is handled by professionals.

    How Joaquin Garage Doors Can Help

    Joaquin Garage Doors provides garage door repair and installation in Fresno.

    We have high satisfaction ratings from customers, thanks to the expertise and professionalism of our technicians.

    Aside from our top-notch services, we are prompt with our services. We provide same-day service.

    We also provide FREE estimates for you.

    If you need a garage door repair in Fresno, contact Joaquin Garage Doors now.

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