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We’re Joaquin Garage Door Services, a locally owned company here in Fresno, California. When first deciding to hire someone to work on your garage door, it can be overwhelming due to the huge number of companies to choose from. It’s hard to know whether you can trust their workmanship, whether their quotations are legitimate and if their parts are high quality. When you choose Joaquin Garage Door Services, all of that doubt goes away.

We’re very different in our industry (in a good way!), we set out to provide exceptional customer service to all of our customers, no matter if the job is big or small. We want everyone to feel like their custom is valued and we never take that for granted. All of our engineers take just as much pride in their service they provide as they do in their craft –  after all, there’s a reason most of our business comes from referrals!

Perhaps your garage door isn’t functioning as smoothly as it once used to or maybe one of its hinges is starting to come a little loose. Our advice is always the same: if you wouldn’t wait to get the same maintenance done on your home’s main door, then don’t wait to get it fixed on your garage door either. A garage door is a potential pathway into your home and should be treated accordingly so your home and family are kept safe. If you have any doubts, give us a call! We’ll be happy to offer some further advice.

Over the years in our industry, we’ve built some invaluable relationships with our suppliers. We only used likewise companies that share our values for price, durability, and quality. Thanks to this, we’re able to offer a fully comprehensive warranty on ALL of the parts we provide! That means if something was to go wrong, then we’ll put it right – no questions asked.

For further information, a quotation, or for some answers to some questions you may have, then please call our friendly customer service team today!

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