Choosing A New Garage Door

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    Choosing A New Garage Door

    Aesthetics have never been more important than it is today.

    And with the right garage door, your home’s curb appeal will definitely surge up.

    As a matter of fact, garage door replacement has the highest return of investment (ROI) at 93.8% out of all house remodeling projects.

    Feel the pressure yet?

    Don’t worry, we’re here to help you with that.

    Here at Joaquin Garage Doors not only gives you the best garage door services but also guides you to your destined choice.

    Go grab your notebook and let’s get this started!

    Top Factors in Choosing Your New Garage Door

    Below are top factors to consider to squeeze the best out of your money.

    If you already have an image of what you want, then hold on to it.

    If you don’t, then try going outside and picture out what color or style complements your house the most.

    That will help you narrow down your choices.

    Fashion it up!

    Choosing the right color for your garage door is simple. Look at the three prominent colors of your house and just choose one from it.

    It’s better if you have it the same as the dominant color though.

    Do not have it the same as your front door because it could steal the focus off of it.

    You don’t need to make it stand out, blend it, and let the magic occur.

    Next, are the windows.

    If you use your garage a great deal, installing windows to your garage door would be ideal.

    It would also give your home a modern feel and have natural light illuminate the room.

    This is perfect for when you use your garage as your woodshop, crafts room, or even a gym room.

    Another factor to consider would be security.

    A window could easily be another way in for a thief.

    So, if you live in a thief-prone neighborhood, it’s best to install a garage door that’s sturdy and offers more privacy.

    Frosted glass or shades could do the trick, if you really want to have those windows.

    You could also install an alarm system to go for that extra mile.

    Durability is the key!

    The key to a long-lasting garage door is the right material.

    Once your garage door installation is done, there is no going back.

    It is built to last—that is if you chose the right material.

    Some factors to consider would be your neighborhood’s climate and the maintenance that you can dedicate to it.

    If you live in a place with extreme conditions, it’s best to choose the material that offers proper insulation.

    Maintenance also plays a big role as some materials, like wood, requires high maintenance.

    To guide you in selecting the most suitable for you, here are some pros and cons of the most common garage door materials.


    This is the most popular choice in the whole country.

    Steel garage doors have a wide range of options.

    The cost goes around $750 to $3,500 depending on layers and insulation.

    Other pros in choosing this material are:

    • Its low maintenance
    • Can give you flexible design options
    • Long-lasting
    • Not a natural insulator

    On the other hand, steel doors can be dented.

    If your garage door is prone to impact, purchasing a multiple-layered door will be in your best interest.

    Rust is also the number one enemy for this kind of door.

    So, be sure to check for rust once in a while to avoid that build up.


    Steel and aluminum garage doors have a lot in common.

    Aluminum typically goes with glass doors.

    These can be sold from $1,500 to $2,000.

    Other advantages that aluminum glass doors can give are:

    • Its lightweight makes it easier to install and puts less strain on your garage’s springs and track.
    • Often goes with the modern look
    • Good for wetter areas for its resistance with rust
    • Effective insulator

    Just like steel it can be dented even easier.

    With its thin composition even a ball can dent it.

    Though it may not rust, it can be corroded.

    You have to buy a powder coating to prevent that from happening.


    If you’re going for a classic or natural look, you can’t get any better than wood.

    You can install windows with this and repaint it over time.

    Cedar, redwood, or cypress are moisture-resistant woods making it more appealing.

    These costs from $1,200 to more than $4,000.

    Below are other factors to choose wood:

    • Cannot be dented
    • Customizable
    • Durable
    • Natural insulator

    The biggest disadvantage of wood is its maintenance.

    You have to regularly inspect it with rot, insects, or chipped parts.

    Wood garage doors are insanely heavy making it harder to install.

    This prompt for garage door repairs more often than not.

    Wood Composite

    Wood composite garage doors are made from recycled wood and plastic fibers.

    This will give you the advantages that wood garage doors have while avoiding all that maintenance.

    Faux wood ranges from $750 to $ 6,100.

    Other pros for this are:

    • More room for design
    • Lighter than actual wood
    • Resists molding and rotting
    • Can be installed with insulator

    Though it may look like wood, it’s still can’t replace the traditional aura of real wood.

    Its also vulnerable to cracks or paint chips.


    This is the least common material of the bunch.

    Fiber glass garage doors are less likely to dent than steel ones.

    It ranges from $850 to $3,000.

    Other advantages of this may be:

    • Lightweight
    • Do not easily rust
    • More design options

    Fiberglass is a poor insulator and it can fade from weather exposure.

    Have you decided the material that suits your needs?

    If so, let’s move on to the next category.

    Functionality makes it cooler!

    The number of times that you open your garage door also matters.

    Once cycle accounts for one lift and one lower.

    Your garage door’s lifespan is measured in how much cycles it could make.

    Generally, a garage door spring rates about 20,000 life cycles.

    At most, this could last 14 years with 2 cycles a day and proper maintenance.

    If you plan to install your own garage door it’s better to know more about garage door springs.

    But we advise otherwise.

    A proper garage door installation could save you from garage door repairs in the future.

    We, at Joaquin Garage Doors, take your best interest in our hearts.

    How your garage door opens affects its efficiency.

    The six most common types are: sectional, roll-up, slide to the side, side hinged and tilt-up canopy.

    Sectional types are the most common in the US.

    You don’t have to keep your distance when opening it and it’s usually automated and offers greater security.

    Roll-ups are fit for heavy usage and high-performance.

    These costs higher than a sectional design.

    If you have a low headroom, slide to the side is your safest bet.

    It opens to the side so it offers the same benefit of a sectional.

    Side-hinged are classics.

    This is best for pedestrian use and are easily installed.

    Just like side-hinges, tilt-up or up and over canopy garage doors is made of one solid material.

    This type is easy to operate and install.

    This also comes in with a retractable design.

    Deciding the best garage door type for you depends on your needs.

    Choose the best installer!

    Having the best garage door company at your side could reduce the load off your shoulders and increase your return of investment.

    For convenience, you should choose the one closest to you.

    If you’re around Fresno, California, look no further, we are just one call away to solve your garage door problems.

    At your service, we at Joaquin Garage Doors offers you the best garage door installation and repair services.

    Choosing a new garage door will never be as easier when you have our team’s expertise on your hands.

    It’s tab to grab your phone and give us a call because you deserve the finest care and utmost attention for your garage door needs.

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