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    Garage door tune up near you in Fresno

    Tuning up your garage door should be part of your maintenance agenda.

    Because over time, some parts of your garage door could suffer from wear and tear.

    And trust us, you don’t want that.

    If left alone, those could produce annoying noises promptly telling you to have it looked at by a professional.

    In a worst-case scenario, it could inflict serious damage.

    Although some tune-ups can be done on your own, you might miss some small but important details.

    A regular tune-up could help your garage door last long and serve you as good as it was when it was new.

    If you live in Fresno, this list is for you!

    Five of the best garage door tune-up near you in Fresno are…

    Joaquin Garage Doors

    There’s no better candidate for a garage door tune-up near you in Fresno than us.

    Joaquin Garage Doors is a recent garage door business that handles garage door installation and repairs.

    You don’t have to contact someone else for your garage door care.

    If you’re thinking of replacing your garage door, contact Joaquin Garage Doors at 559-2061995 , and from that point on, we can be your garage door doctor—for life.

    We specialize in torsion spring repairs, remote control replacement especially LiftMaster, and other repairs that you need.

    Providing excellent garage door services at an affordable price is our motto.

    So, you don’t need to worry about paying a fortune; we can always discuss it!

    Call now and let us take care of your garage door needs!

    Central Valley Overhead Door

    Located at 2664 N Business Park Ave Fresno, CA, this company offers not just their services but also their products.

    Dubbed as The Garage Super Store, Central Valley Overhead Door has everything you need and more.

    Being around for three decades has made them the largest garage door company in Central Valley.

    For residents in Fresno & Madera.

    They provide garage door installation and repairs.

    However, their specialty lies in garage doors and garage door openers.

    Nonetheless, garage door tune-ups are no sweat for them.

    Trust in their expertise and call them for more information.

    Philips Garage Door

    At 29 years in the biz, Phillips Garage Door will get all your problems solved.

    With age, comes expertise.

    Thus, this family-owned and operated business will always deliver as advertised.

    Their main building is located at 1436 Menlo Ave Ste D Clovis, CA in case you’re thinking of dropping in.

    Sadly, they are not open 24/7 but only on weekdays from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

    Susan and Mike Phillips have treated this as their child and in extension will treat you like your family.

    And a family will always be there for you.

    In particular, Phillips Garage Door can do installation, replacement, and repair.

    As long as you live within San Joaquin Valley, they’ve got your back.

    Peace Door Service

    Nothing builds trust with a company than meeting the owner.

    Peace Door Service company is a one-man team that was just created recently.

    Daniel Flores pursued his venture in 2020 after the company that he worked for closed down due to the pandemic.

    With his more than 20 years working as a henchman up to the top, his skills are first-class.

    Currently, though he offers garage door installation, he’s more focused on maintenance service.

    More specifically replacing broken springs, damaged sections & panels, and torsion conversions.

    Precision Overhead Garage Door Service

    Ready to serve you 24/7, Precision Overhead Garage Door Service provides garage door services around San Joaquin Valley.

    From garage door installation to garage door repair, this humble establishment can give you excellent garage door tune-ups.

    Currently, they have 4 locations scattered around California and of course one of those is at Fresno.

    They provide installation, replacement, and repairs.

    The installation services cover the opener, spring, and rollers.

    Depending on your wants, they could also put up safety sensors on your garage door.

    If you’re remote is not working, remote replacement is also in their repertoire.

    Finally, the repair services they offer are roller, opener, remote, spring, and garage door repairs.

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