Installing A New Garage Door in Fresno

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    Installing A New Garage Door in Fresno

    A new garage door can boost the outside of your house, improve the overall security of your primary residence, and maximize your daily comfort.

    Most garage door dealers provide full-service installation package, including designing a garage door, dismantling, and disposal of an old door, as well as mounting the replacement garage door.

    Unless you’re a craftsman and would like to save some money, you could install the new garage door in just a day.

    Before starting the do-it-your-own installation of the new garage door, make sure you already have most of the essential tools while observing the installation suggestions, guidelines, and directions offered by the manufacturer.

    Always remember, never hesitate to call the experts like Joaquin Garage Doors if you can’t trust yourself for a new garage door installation in Fresno.

    With them, installing a new garage door in Fresno could be a lot simpler.

    What You Need

    Prepare all the necessary equipment and materials as you plan to install the garage door

    • Levels
    • Safety Goggles
    • Borer/Driller
    • Adjustable Locking Pliers
    • Drill Bits
    • Phillips Driver Bit
    • Bit Sockets
    • Hammer
    • Open-ended wrench
    • 1/2 inch diameter rods

    How to Install New Garage Doors?

    After gathering the necessary tools, you can quickly assemble your new wide garage door by executing these ten quick methods.

    Interlocking garage doors, a most popular form of residences garage door, have three to eight frames that roll upwards or descending through a track installation one-by-one at a time.

    Operate first using a bottom-up approach.

    1 Release the tension on the garage door.

    Since garage door springs are all under a tremendous deal of pressure and weight, you should proceed with due care in this beginning process.

    It can cause property damage and can injure any individual if mishandled.

    Once you start working on your garage door, you must release all tension throughout the torsion spring.

    To execute this, consider these things:

    • Clamp its torsion spring tube using adjustable-locking pliers, and push it against the header board just above your garage door.
    • There are four holes in the spring winding funnel that allow you to release and twist the spring. Put a steel rod on one of its holes. Undo the screw which holds the winding cap in place while gripping the rod securely.
    • Release every spring one-quarter turn once a time, cycling between the two rods. Utilize one rod to keep the cone stable, while the other one to turn it.

    2 Uninstall the present door from your garage door opener.

    You can now detach the garage door from its opener after releasing the tension springs from it.

    Slide on its red emergency releasing handle to release the door carefully.

    It will increase or reduce the doors manually by moving the crane handle vertically.

    You can already start removing its door sectional panels:

    • Start by removing the hinges attached to that same garage door panel, beginning with the top panel.
    • Detach the door panel out from its door track by releasing the bolts from its doorframe.
    • Remove the latches from the adjacent sectional panels’ hinges and loosen the fittings.

    3 Attach the Replacement Garage Door Sections

    You may now start putting up the replacement garage door.

    Install a bracing rod along its top panel of the car garage door to avoid drooping in the center.

    Afterward, if the factory has not already done so, drill holes, then use screws to fasten the bars to the panels.

    Begin with the following steps for an installation process and assembly:

    • Put the hinges on top of every garage door section.
    • Axle supports are then attached to the upper and bottom panels.
    • Place the lower panel in the slot and make sure it’s level.
    • Install the new panel on top of the preceding one, making sure the higher panels’ notch is firmly seated on the ridge of its panel below it. Continue this procedure until all of the panels all in position.

    4 Tighten the Hinges and Mount the Tracks

    Install the rolling axles further into side hinges and mount the upper and bottom axle stabilizers after securing the top part from each hinge towards the panel over top of it.

    Attach the track afterward, making sure the rollers properly align guaranteed optimal operation.

    Lastly, connect the door wire to the loop on the base of the panel pivot supporter, then secure its bottom bracket to both the wall.

    5 Connect the track to the torsion component.

    Assemble all spring-supporting parts and secure them to the track at this point.

    Secondly, using the ceiling braces from the previous door, set the curved segment of the track upon that vertical section you prepared before.

    Connect its other end of the cable to the overhead bracket.

    6 Connect the Tracks with Bolts

    Mount the lateral and vertical tracks to that same door, then connect the tracks securely using bolts.

    7 Install the Springs

    Fasten the spring anchor points to its springs, and bind the two springs in the top bracket with the spring holding funnel.

    8 Install the Torsion Bar and Levers

    Connect the torsion bar by inserting these into the sockets in the side cap brackets, and then mount the pulleys to either end of the lever.

    9 Connect the Cable

    Fasten the cable both the pulley roller from below, then crank the wheels.

    Any loose is pushed tight over its pulley.

    Slip the wheel onto the junction frame and lock all of the pieces tightly.

    Secure a pair of clamping pliers to the shaft on the exterior of the brackets.

    It will keep your shaft from whirling while you tighten its garage door hinges.

    10 Tighten the Springs

    Secure the springs with your metal pipes, and consult your retailer’s handbook to calculate how many spins are likely to be necessary to bind the spring correctly.

    Tighten all nuts to hold the tension in the set and release the pliers from the torsion shaft after the spring has attained the proper tension.


    Installing a new garage door would be all easy if you’re well adept in crafting and the mechanisms that go along with it.

    However, if you can’t trust yourself to do all the procedures, never hesitate to call for the experts.

    Joaquin Garage Doors is a full-service for garage door installation in Fresno.

    Installing a new garage door in Fresno could now be fast with their help.

    Contact them today!

    Plus, they also offer garage door repair in Fresno.

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