How To Adjust Garage Door Tracks

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    How To Adjust Garage Door Tracks

    Do you have problems with your garage doors?

    This could be the opportunity to start some tweaks to its tracks.

    It’s rather simple to do so.

    All you have to do is unscrew its bolts, change the track position, and afterward lock the bolts back into position.

    What are Garage Door Tracks?

    The tracks that most aid in the opening and closing of the garage door will need adjustments over time.

    It’s typically done to correct alignment issues, such as a hanging garage door and perhaps a gap among your door and the moldings beneath it.

    A ceiling-mounted garage door is one of the most popular garage doors installed, whether it’s for business and residential purposes.

    Once it is activated, it rolls up and down.

    The rollers are guided by two tracks that run from top to bottom and persist parallel to the ground on every edge of a door frame.

    Using the garage door at least two times a day is prone to misalignment – particularly if your garage door facilitates certain exterior or interior activities.

    Common Track Problems

    Binding and rubbing against the molding can occur if the tracks are misaligned.

    Misalignment can occur if there is a wide gap between both the door and the exterior siding.

    When you start noticing some of these, you should double-check that your tracks are all still aligned.

    If otherwise, you can easily reshape and repair this without the assistance of a professional.

    However, if you can’t do this by yourself, call for a mechanic.

    In Joaquin Garage Doors, we work with any garage door repair in Fresno, available 24/7.

    An expert’s help would always ensure the safeness of working in your garage.

    If you’re wondering how to do it, then read the guide below to ensure you get the job done.

    Some steps are available here for various situations on how to adjust garage door tracks.

    Track Adjustment 1: Binding Garage Door

    Step 1: Loosen its Track Screws

    When the garage door is protected throughout the tracks, remove its screws using a screwdriver.

    This will unbind the track out from the garage door frame.

    Step 2: Shifting its Track Position

    Tap its lower part of the track with only a rubber mallet until it’s vertical.

    Utilize a spirit level to ensure that its track is vertically aligned.

    Step 3: Tighten the Track Screws

    Tighten the screws once you’ve confirmed that the track is properly aligned.

    Step 4: Doing the Other Track

    Upon tweaking the first track, you must also adjust its other track.

    Then, utilize the rubber mallet again by tapping the track’s lower part to guarantee it’s straight.

    Its screws should then be tightened.

    Only with four easy steps, you’ve perfectly adjusted your tracks in a binding garage door.

    Track Adjustment 2: Stopping Garage Door Rubbing Against Molding

    Several people are wondering, “how could I adjust the tracks of my garage door so that it doesn’t rub against the silicone molding?” Or “can I adjust the large gap showing up between my door and its molding?” In that regard, you can accomplish all these in the preceding basic steps.

    Step 1: Remove the Bolts of the Track

    Initially, you must remove the bolts that hold each trackside from the lower bracket of the track by utilizing a wrench.

    Ensure all the bolts are removed before continuing to the following steps.

    Step 2: Adjust Now the Door Gap

    Start moving one of its tracks to left or right till there is a quarter-inch gap seen between hold molding and its gap.

    Keep in mind that its gap must be equal, and repeat the process upon the opposite track to ensure the gap is consistent.

    Step 3: Return the Bolts Tightened

    Lastly, use a wrench to tighten back its track bolts.

    Check that they are securely fastened, but don’t over tighten them.

    Bottom line

    It’s critical that we maintain our garage doors.

    Even though trying how to adjust garage door tracks could be simple, it is better to use high-quality equipment to avoid the hassle.

    However, if the situation worsens, notify a garage door expert before it causes more damage in the long run.

    Don’t freak out if you discover that the garage door isn’t working efficiently or if you encounter difficulties when trying to align the garage door track.

    Seek professional advice for garage door repairs service and see if they provide assistance that will solve the problem.

    In Joaquin Garage Doors, we work 24/7 at your request.

    We offer garage door installation in Fresno, as well as repairs with free estimates! Call us now!

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