Garage Door Won’t Close

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    Garage Door Won’t Close

    Finally tired of pressing that close button? Glad you stopped.

    Because that garage door won’t close no matter how many times you jab at your remote.

    If your garage door won’t close, don’t call for repair yet.

    There may be simple things that might do the trick.

    Check the Remote

    The first thing you should check is the remote.

    Try changing the batteries and getting closer to the door.

    Next, suppose that your garage door is still stuck.

    Try reprogramming your remote to the garage door opener.

    Refer to your manual because each manufacturer has different mechanisms.

    Check the Safety Sensors

    Safety sensors are installed at the bottom of your garage door.

    These are installed as part of the government’s mandate.

    Check the lights of the sensors and refer to the list below on what it means.

    No light

    If one of the sensors has no light at all, that means that it’s not getting any power.

    Check the wiring at the back of the sensor.

    The wire nut must have come off.

    Just put it back and both green and red lights must be on.

    Light is flickering

    If this is the case, the sensors have trouble connecting with each other.

    Correct the alignment of both sensors until the light is no longer blinking.

    Light is off

    When this happens, that means the sensors detect some obstructions on the path.

    Look around and see what it might be.

    If you don’t find anything, clean the lens of the sensors with a cloth.

    The grime must be blocking the sensors.

    After doing all those things, both lights must now be on and no longer blinking.

    Try closing the garage door again and see if this solves the problem.

    Check the Limits

    After checking the safety sensors and the lights are on, you may need to adjust the travel limits.

    Your garage door opener has two travel limits.

    One refers to how much it goes up and the other to how much it goes down.

    If your garage door tries to close but goes back up again or closes but not all the way.

    Your travel limits must have been set too high or low.

    Adjust the travel limits with a screwdriver and turn it clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the problem.

    Refer to the manual to get more information.

    Check the Trolley

    You see that red cord hanging above?

    That is connected to the trolley.

    The trolley is the one responsible for the opener to move the garage door.

    Try to move the trolley back and forth.

    If it does, that means the trolley has disengaged.

    To re-engage, pull the rope towards the door until you hear a clicking sound.

    At this point, if the door still won’t close, the tracks may be the cause.

    Check the Tracks and Rollers

    Maintenance is the key to prevent garage door malfunctions.

    The tracks must always be cleaned off any debris and grimes that may prevent the rollers from passing by.

    Try cleaning the tracks and lubricating your rollers and see if that solves the problem.

    If the rollers went off track, this could be a serious problem.

    Inspect your tracks for any bents.

    If it’s small enough, try straightening the track by using a mallet or a hammer.

    A gap may also be the cause.

    In this case, leave it to the professionals to avoid getting hurt and worsening the problem.

    When your door has come off tracks one of the reasons may be the springs or cables.

    In that case, call for Joaquin Garage Doors immediately.

    We can get that garage door closed for you as soon as possible at a reasonable price.

    Check the Opener

    If your opener is making any noise or there’s a smell coming off of it.

    Contact us immediately.

    The motor inside it must be worn out because of old age.

    Do not try to disassemble the garage door opener if you have no experience with it.

    You may injure yourself and magnify the problem.

    Call Us!

    If you were not successful in solving the problem, then it’s time to call for us.

    If you live around Fresno, then contact Joaquin Garage Doors at once.

    We are open 24/7 in case of these kinds of emergencies.

    Don’t worry about the cost, we would never give you more than you can handle.

    After all, your happiness is our happiness.

    Call us now!

    Leave it to us, and we will fix it for you in a flash!

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