Garage Door Track Adjustment

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    Garage Door Track Adjustment

    A garage door runs on the tracks aligned against your walls.

    Ergo, for it to run smoothly, your garage door tracks must be properly aligned.

    You can tell when your garage door is misaligned when you hear unpleasant noises or inconsistent movements.

    It could make the operation difficult.

    These are caused by improper installation or damaged hardware.

    Nevertheless, a misaligned track must be corrected to avoid an even bigger issue.

    Our team is always willing to shoulder your garage door concerns.

    And so, if you want to avoid doing a garage door track adjustment on your own, call Joaquin Garage Doors in Fresno.

    You don’t have to worry about the price because we would never give you more than you can handle.

    We value cost-effectiveness and professionalism in our team.

    Do adjust your tracks when…

    • there’s a gap of space between the garage door and the stop molding
    • you’re having a hard time opening and closing the door due to binding
    • the garage door is off-balanced
    • the door rubs against the stop molding, making it difficult to move

    Aligning your garage door is a must the moment you notice the problems above.

    If unsolved, this could cause your garage door to go off track.

    You might even get locked out at the worst possible moment.

    And if there’s a gap somewhere, a thief could shimmy in there and steal away.

    Doing a garage door track adjustment is simple enough if you have the right tools.

    Before we proceed to the steps, ready the following tools

    • Screwdriver or wrench
    • Rubber mallet or hammer
    • Locking pliers
    • Heavy-duty gloves
    • Hard hat
    • Ladder
    • Safety glasses
    • Sweeping brush
    • Spirit level
    • Measuring tool

    Safety first!

    Equip yourself!

    Wear a long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and your heavy-duty gloves.

    These will help keep you from cuts and other substantial injuries.

    Close your garage door as much as possible.

    If the automatic feature isn’t working, switch it off manually.

    Then, for added protection, turn off the garage door opener.

    To use the emergency release, simply pull the handle near the overhead track.

    And now you’re all set!

    Adjusting Vertical Tracks

    Do the following steps if you have a gapping or rubbing garage door:

    Step 1: Loosen from the lower track

    Use your spirit level and check to see if your tracks are perfectly level.

    If not, then use your screwdriver to start loosening the bolts holding the top track from the lower track.

    Do this on both sides.

    Do not remove it completely, just enough so you can shift it at once.

    Step 2: Realign

    Move the track a few distances to the left or right as needed.

    Make sure that there’s a ¼ distance from the top of the crown molding and the bottom of the door.

    Use your rubber mallet or hammer if you have trouble aligning it to your desired position.

    Step 3: Fasten it back

    If you’re satisfied with the alignment, put the bolts back with your screwdriver.

    Repeat these steps as needed until everything is perfectly aligned.

    Use your spirit level every time you check the alignment.

    Step 4: Test it

    Try to test it manually if you can.

    If not, then reconnect your garage door to the opener and test it automatically.

    If the problem is solved then clean up the tools and put them back to where they belong.

    Adjusting Overhead tracks

    After adjusting the vertical tracks, use your spirit level to see if the overhead tracks are aligned.

    If not, do the steps below:

    Step 1: Loosen the fasteners

    Your garage door is held by fasteners.

    Look carefully at which part you need to adjust.

    Use your screwdriver or wrench if you’ve determined the spot.

    Step 2: Move it

    Gently move the tracks to the right position.

    Make sure that it’s perpendicular to the vertical tracks and ½ inches away from the garage door.

    Do this for as long as needed.

    Step 3: Refasten

    If you’re satisfied with the adjustment, tightly secure the bolts back.

    But do not make it too tight to avoid stripping it.

    Step 4: Test it

    Try to test it manually if you can.

    If not, then reconnect your garage door to the opener and test it automatically.

    If the problem is solved, clean up the tools and put them back to where they belong.

    Prevention is better than cure, this is a universal truth.

    In a garage door, prevention comes by regularly doing your garage door maintenance or have some experts tune it up.

    Call us, Joaquin Garage Doors, if you live around in Fresno.

    We handle garage door installation and garage door repairs.

    Give your garage door the care it deserves!

    Contact us now and be part of the family!

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