Garage Door Moving Slow

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    Garage Door Moving Slow

    Understanding how your garage door works are necessary, especially when it malfunctions.

    You may have called for a garage door repair company for something as little as an adjustment on your speed settings.

    Any repair team would be happy to take that job on.

    However, here in Joaquin Garage Doors, we want what’s best for you.

    We would never take advantage of your predicament.

    You can call us, and we will guide you on the simple steps you can do by yourself.

    But you don’t need to do that. Just read ahead.

    We will lend you our expertise for free.

    Troubleshooting and Fixing Tips

    A garage door moving slowly could be a sign for a much bigger problem.

    Nonetheless, when this happens, the first thing you may think is that the garage door opener must be the problem.

    And you’re not wrong to think that.

    Most often than not, it is the garage door opener.

    So first, grab your ladder, then let’s check that operator.

    Speed Settings

    Your garage door opener has a speed setting.

    Those are what tells your operator how fast or how slow you want your garage door to be.

    Refer to your manual where it may be located.

    For a LiftMaster and a Genie, it is usually located at the back of the opener.

    There are two dials there: one for the opening speed; and one for the closing.

    Adjust both if your garage door is opening and closing slowly.

    Be careful not to increase it too much.

    It may cause the trolley to hit the opener or hit the ground too fast.

    You can use your flat screwdriver for this step.

    For a sectional garage door that is not too heavy, both settings should be in the 5 range.

    For a one-piece door, try putting the setting at 7.

    You can have the settings in different numbers.

    Depending on how fast you want your garage door to be.

    Try turning it one at a time and see if it’s working.

    If your garage door is still moving slow, let’s check the other parts of your garage door.

    After all, your garage door opener is just one part of a whole.

    It will not function without the tracks, the rollers, or the springs.

    Your garage door can even do its basic function without your opener.

    Albeit, you may have to do it manually.

    So next, we will check the tracks, rollers, and hinges.

    Poor lubrication

    Over time, the lubricant on your garage door will wear off.

    You may hear squeaking sounds coming from your garage door in this case.

    This would also cause wear and tear on your garage door parts and affect its performance.

    And will eventually cause your garage door to fail.

    This is why lubricating your garage door must be included in your maintenance routine.

    Doing this will save you a couple of bucks for repair services.

    Do the following steps to properly lubricate your garage door.

    Make sure that you bought a dedicated garage door lubricant.

    Step 1

    When doing your maintenance always keep your garage door closed.

    Disconnect your garage door from the opener.

    Unplug the opener then pull the red cord release handle on the trolley.

    This will prevent your door from accidentally opening while you’re lubricating.

    Step 2

    Start with the hinges, pivot points, and stems.

    Step 3

    Lubricate the metal rollers and ball bearings.

    If your rollers are plastic then you don’t need to lubricate them.

    Step 4

    Grab your ladder and lubricate the end bearings and the torsion springs.

    Step 5

    Lubricate the trolley’s path on the bottom of the rail.

    Step 6

    Do not lubricate the tracks, just clean them with a cloth to remove the grimes and other obstructions.

    Step 7

    Reconnect the door to the opener.

    Re-engage your trolley by pulling the release cord toward the door until you hear it click.

    Then, plug in the garage door opener.

    Step 8: Open and close the door numerous times to spread the lubricant.

    Then you’re done! Doing the steps above should make the operation of your garage door faster and smoother.

    In case it’s still moving slow, then it’s time to call us!

    If you live around Fresno, contact Joaquin Garage Doors, and we will come your way ASAP!

    We are open 24/7 in case you need emergency repair service.

    We are waiting for your call!

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