Garage door making noise

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    Garage door making noise

    The most obvious indicator that something’s wrong is noise.

    In a garage door, it may be the start of a more serious issue.

    If you haven’t done any maintenance lately, this is your garage door telling you to pay attention.

    And if you don’t want your neighbor filing for noise complaints – then you better fix it immediately.

    Garage door noises have differences.

    The type of noise that it makes can point to the problem right away.

    So, knowing that would help you work fast.

    Joaquin Garage Doors is here to offer you our knowledge.

    From our many years in the industry, a garage door making noise is a common problem.

    We’ve listed down the most common noises that it creates according to the repair it needs.

    Listen closely to that sound, then let’s solve it together.

    Tighten nuts and bolts

    The most common cause of your garage door making noise is a loose part.

    If the sound that it makes is below, read these tips.

    Get your wrench, a screwdriver, and your gloves out of your toolbox.

    Do not make them too tight because you might end up stripping the lag screw holes.

    Rattling and Vibrating

    A rattling or vibrating noise points to loose nuts or bolts.

    It happens over time or due to an improper garage door installation.

    If the sound still exists after tightening those nuts and bolts, it could be an issue of poor lubrication.

    A more serious ground for this is an unbalanced door.

    If you have no sufficient knowledge in fixing off-balanced doors, contact your garage door repair company.

    Suppose if the vibration remains, your garage door opener or a stripped trolley could be causing this.

    Check the manual for more information or call for an expert.

    Squeaking and Grinding

    If you hear squeaking or grinding sounds, this signals a loose roller or hinge.

    Try rectifying it by tightening those problem areas then lubricating it.

    If it still exists, there could be a stripped-out trolley or a problem within your opening gear.

    Get in touch with a garage door repair team if you have no further knowledge of those.


    When lubricating your garage door, we suggest using WD-40 lubricant spray.

    Close your garage door, then disconnect it from the power source.

    Do not even think of using oil.

    Oil is susceptible to dirt and dust buildup.

    Additionally, it could just end up dripping all over your garage floor.

    If your garage door makes any sound listed below, then do these lubricating procedures.


    Inadequate lubrication causes a squealing sound.

    Try doing the instructions above to minimize the friction and smooth it out.

    An improper installation could also be the culprit.

    This action warrants professional help in case it needs to be reinstalled.

    Moreover, it may need to put back on track in case you see that your garage door is off track.

    If you have insufficient knowledge in this area, better call for a professional since it could get dangerous.


    Rust buildups cause your spring coils to rub together, this is what makes those clinking sounds.

    Try removing those rust and then lubricate it. If the rust remains, we recommend a replacement.

    Leave it to us, or your own trusted repair team.

    Don’t do it yourself or even with a buddy because it could inflict serious injuries if done wrong.

    Call for professional help!

    If you live around Fresno, California, contact Joaquin Garage Doors immediately if you hear any of the sounds listed below.

    Without expert knowledge, trying to repair any of those problems could cause more damage than initially needed.

    You wouldn’t want to pay hospital bills and repair costs in one day.

    Loud opening and closing

    In general, this may be what you think your hearing.

    Verify it first before proceeding.

    Poor acoustics in your garage is the root cause of this problem.

    Contact a garage door installation company to put insulation or soundproofing materials on the walls to keep the sound contained.

    Banging and Rubbing

    Replacing your garage door panels could solve the banging sound.

    Replacing your garage door can be done without an expert’s supervision.

    Just be careful and take extra precautions.

    However, in case if the banging does not disappear, this may be off track.

    It could also produce a rubbing noise.

    In case it’s too tight or bent, call for professional help to adjust your garage door’s alignment and put it back on its track.


    When you don’t have enough power in your garage, your garage door will strain to close or open.

    In this event, we recommend replacing your garage door opener’s motor.


    Contact your garage door service provider if you hear this sound.

    This means that the door is unbalanced and is scraping against your garage walls.

    An off-balanced garage door could cause damage if not repaired immediately.


    Torsion springs could snap in time if there are no regular tune-ups.

    And if this happens, you will hear a pop.

    Call your service provider instantly.

    At Joaquin Garage Doors, nothing could be more important than your safety.

    So, feel free to call us when you have any garage door concerns.

    We’re here to help you 24/7 and provide care for your garage door before any of these things happen.

    We’re based in Fresno, California.

    Contact us immediately when a problem occurs to avoid accidents.

    Stay safe, and leave your worries to us!

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