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    Nearest Garage Door Company

    The function of garage doors is pretty straightforward–up and down, open and close.

    This simple function, however, may suddenly stop working due to accidents or frequent usage.

    Common Causes of Garage Door Damage

    1. Broken Springs

    Loud noises when opening and closing the garage doors is an indication of broken springs.

    This usually happens when the springs snap or fall off due to frequent usage or old age.

    2. Broken Cables

    If you’re having a difficult time lifting your garage doors, the cables are most likely broken.

    Over time, cables become brittle which results in them snapping.

    But this can also be due to poor installation.

    3. Misaligned Track

    Tracks are where garage doors slide.

    Frequent usage or old age can cause your garage doors to misalign from the tracks.

    If this happens, your door can malfunction.

    4. Worn Rollers

    Rollers allow your garage doors to move smoothly.

    As time passes, rollers can be run down resulting in a bumpy motion when moving up and down its track.

    5. Worn Hardware

    With time, some parts of your garage doors like their hinges and bolts can wear down.

    Corrosion also plays a role in your hardware being damaged.

    Quick fixes like tightening and lubricating the parts may help, however, it’s best to have professionals check the condition to assess if replacement is needed.

    6. Electrical Issues

    If you have an electric garage door, electrical issues are quite common.

    Check the battery in your remote to troubleshoot if it’s causing the malfunction.

    Then, move on to checking the transmitters, photo eye sensors, damaged wires, or fuse blowing.

    For electrical issues, quick fixes are difficult, so it’s best to seek professional help immediately.

    Garage Door Company in Fresno

    Distance is a big factor during health-related emergencies.

    Suppose you’ve accidentally driven into your garage door, causing the rollers to go off track at eight in the evening.

    Now your garage door won’t open, leaving your car outside and your garage vulnerable to thieves.

    For that reason, finding the nearest garage door company is essential.

    If you live in Fresno, you don’t need to search anymore.

    Joaquin Garage Doors is at your service.

    How We Can Help You

    24-hour service

    For your safety and convenience, we are ready to fix your problems 24/7.

    It’s burdensome to wait until the morning for your garage door to be repaired.

    After all, various dangers could happen if your cars are left alone outside overnight.

    Having us on your contact list will lessen your waiting time and stress.

    Whatever your problem is, let us take it off your shoulders.

    We are always at the end of the line even at two in the morning.

    Free estimates

    If you want a garage door installation or any repair job, you can call us first and talk about the cost.

    We give free estimates to all of our clients.

    Any job you require, we will give you the run down for your peace of mind.

    We will always be transparent for you and give you the best service that you deserve.


    We pride ourselves on our top-level expertise and industry-level tools.

    We don’t just take your word when troubleshooting the problem, we also cross check every part of your garage door to ensure we’re providing the best solution to the issue.

    Your time is as important to us as it is to you, so, we’ll fix your problem as efficiently and quickly as possible.


    The best thing that will verify a company’s legitimacy is through its reviews and ratings.

    Joaquin Garage Doors is proud to have the best customer satisfaction ratings on the web.

    Hence, it’s our commitment to maintain our credibility and reputation by offering top-notch garage door repair and installation services.

    You can also cross-check our information across platforms to see for yourself the great name that we’ve built.


    If you have emergency garage door issues, NOW is the time to contact Joaquin Garage Doors.

    We provide garage door repair and installation services throughout Fresno.

    What’s better is that we offer an emergency service, even at two in the morning.

    Our skillful technicians are quick and efficient in fixing your garage door problems with minimal upheaval to your business or home.

    Get in touch with us NOW.

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