How to Open Garage Door Manually from Outside?

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    How to Open Garage Door Manually from Outside?

    In rare instances, you might encounter incidences of the need to open your garage door manually.

    Perhaps there is a power failure, or your garage door motor is defective, and you have to go to work or enter your house.

    The last scenario you would do is break your garage door, attempting to reach your car.

    It’s beneficial to understand how to open a garage door under unwanted circumstances manually.

    If you can’t handle this by yourself, never hesitate to seek professional help.

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    The emergency release kit is located within your garage.

    This kit helps you to unlock the door on the inside or outside manually.

    If you’re without electricity, you can safely unlock the garage door by following a sequence of very easy steps.

    Step 1. Find the Emergency Release Kit

    Locating the emergency release kit is the first step in unlocking an automated garage door without electricity.

    Examine the area near the middle of the top of your garage door.

    You’ll find a small lock with an emergency escape cable stored underneath.

    You should have the required key to open this lock.

    Step 2. Disengage its Emergency Release Cord

    Position the key into the lock once you’ve found the emergency release set outside of the garage door.

    To show the emergency release cord, turn the key and take out the bottle.

    Pulling this cord activates the escape device mounted internally in the garage, essentially placing your door garage door into manual mode.

    Step 3. Unlock your Garage Door

    Once your garage door is set to manual control, you would still unlock this.

    Another latch, beside the horizontal knob, is located lower from its emergency release kit.

    Its grip and lock function together to secure your garage door shut.

    Unlock this door with the same key you utilized before and spin the handle vertically.

    Step 4. Raise your Garage Door

    Raise your garage door once the emergency release mechanism has been activated and the garage door has also been unlocked.

    Push your garage door up with your palms, slowly and cautiously.

    Keep lifting till the door is completely open, and don’t attempt to lower again.

    Before taking your car in and out of your garage, make sure the door is fully accessible.

    When inside or outside, start pulling down the garage door to close it completely.

    Precautions to Take Once Manually Opening the Garage Door

    The manual process of opening your garage door is mostly safe, but you must take some precautions.

    Make Use of the Manual Lock

    Usually, a metallic manual lock is located beside the garage door.

    Whenever the power goes out, the garage door’s mechanical lock becomes inactive.

    Slip right your manual locks in securing your house during a power outage.

    Disconnect the Power of the Garage Door Opener

    Unplugging the power of your garage door once attempting to unlock or fix the garage door manually will help you stay secure.

    In most cases, once the electricity is restored, the opener would try to move the door.

    In preventing the above scenario, unplugged openers won’t be able to harm you while you’re working with it.

    Never Leave Your Door Open

    Whenever the electricity goes out, the garage door remains disconnected from its automatic door driver.

    Nothing prevents the door from crashing shut.

    Even a heavy wind could cause the door to fall.

    Shut the door secure while keeping the youngsters at a distance.

    Immediately close the garage door as quickly as possible once you’ve done using it.

    Check out this manual process of the garage door opening to help you more about the process.


    Whenever the garage door isn’t operational after a power failure, you might wonder if there’s anything you could do to keep it running.

    It’s a good factor in learning how to manually access the garage door in the event of a power outage.

    Placing an automated garage door opener with a rechargeable battery feature will also help you avoid inconvenience and panic.

    Again, if you can’t do this by yourself, never hesitate to call for professionals who work 24/7.

    Joaquin Garage Doors is available for garage door repair in Fresno and nearby towns.

    Our experienced mechanics can work with you anytime. Call us now!

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