How To Install Garage Door Cables

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    How To Install Garage Door Cables

    The garage door cable is the system’s driving force that mechanically moves up and down the door.

    In its absence, your attractive door would remain a mere attraction with no use.

    The same holds if the garage door cable is broken.

    In any case, once your overhead garage door is not working properly, you may need to replace it.

    It’s wise, as a homeowner, to understand its mechanism.

    Calling professional services for garage door installation in Fresno or your local area would be wise if you can’t trust yourself to do this.

    Here’s a handy guide to explain how to install garage door cables.

    But before anything else, if you live inside the Fresno area, call for Joaquin Garage Doors.

    We work 24/7 from garage door installation to garage door repair in Fresno.

    Safety Tips Before Starting

    You must wear the necessary safety gear and use the right tools before working on your garage door.

    Inability to do so might result in harm, particularly when working with an enormous and robust device such as a garage door.

    Here are the tools and materials you need on how to install garage door cables.

    • Replacement cables (check the next step how to measure it)
    • Winding bars
    • Vice grip
    • Wrenches (in various sizes)
    • Sockets (in various fittings)
    • Protective gloves
    • Protective eyewear

    How to Check if You Got the Right Replacement?

    Initially, evaluate the size of the door and also the length of the cable.

    The measurement of the cable you’ll buy is determined by your door, whether it’s a vertical-lift, standard-lift, or high-lift door.

    Generally, the cable size for residential garage doors using standard lifts will equal the height of the door plus 18 inches.

    A seven-foot door, for example, will most certainly require a cable that is nearly nine feet long.

    How to Remove the Garage Door?

    Once you wouldn’t want to hire specialists for garage door repair solutions, especially for those who live in Fresno, California, you must follow these steps.

    1. To detach the door, please yank on the emergency release handle. You need to perform this first. Otherwise, the door could fall or crash, perhaps destroying property, harming you, or further ruining the door.
    2. To keep the door open while pulling the wires free, place a vice grip slightly beneath the roller on the lowest part on either side of the door. Be cautious with sharp corners and frays, which might cut you.
    3. Loosen the set-screws on its springs in the middle of a door. To ensure safety, completely engage the winding bars and use both at the same pace. Unravel until enough tension has been released.
    4. Release the set-screws upon the cable drum, often located on the upper left corner of the door, using a wrench. Take all of the cables out of the cable drum.
    5. Loosen its bottom lagged screw near the base of the door with a wrench and socket. Take the cable out from the bracket after removing its bottom bracket.

    How to Install the Replacement Cables

    1. Attach a fresh pair of cables upon the bottom bracket initially, then draw them up toward the cable drum upon the top left. Do the same on the opposite side of the door.
    2. Then, slide the cable further into the slot of its cable drum, making sure that this is correctly placed. The cable wouldn’t overlap if it’s positioned correctly. Wind the cable around the drum and insert it into the bearing plate. Rotate counterclockwise till the cable is secure.
    3. Fasten the set-screws next. Don’t over-tighten them by putting too much pressure on them.
    4. Clamp the cable and the winding rod with your vice grasp. Repeat on the opposite side. Also, with winding bars, you must be capable of raising the tension upon its springs. Rotate each 1/4 degree at a turn.
    5. You may now detach the locking pliers out from the winding rod. You must be done at this time.

    How to See if It’s Done?

    An excellent garage door repair in Fresno must include testing your work.

    After mounting the door, to activate the emergency release handle pull it down.

    This will click twice to indicate that it’s in place.

    Consider initiating the door again by trying to open or close it.

    Use your remote to do this.

    Watch the video on how to install garage door cables, through clicking here.


    In most cases, we might not be able to accomplish this.

    Hence, never hesitate to call for professional garage door services.

    They can work for you to ensure that your garage door will be operational again.

    Whenever you have done anything amiss when changing your cable, or if anything else is incorrect with the door, and you seek garage door repair in Fresno, call Joaquin Garage Doors.

    We can work with you right away with proper tools and equipment, especially for garage door installation in Fresno, available 24/7.

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