How To Improve Garage Door Opener Reception

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    How To Improve Garage Door Opener Reception

    One of the most popular issues for many garage door owner’s experiences is the opener’s limited range.

    Wouldn’t you feel disappointed if you discover that your garage doors aren’t working due to a blocked signal?

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    Several factors influence the garage door opener remote range.

    Signal intensity is determined by disturbance, antenna location, and radiofrequency.

    Here are a few pointers to help you troubleshoot the reception of your remote.

    1. Changing the batteries in your garage door opener

    One factor the garage door missing its range is due to the battery in the garage door controller.

    When was the last time you got the battery replaced?

    If it’s been a while, it might be better to change the batteries in the garage door remote.

    Someone has to keep changing the garage door remote battery pack for it to work efficiently.

    Garage door control batteries are usually good for three to five years of use.

    When used excessively, it will reduce the intensity of your signal and perhaps even begin to corrode the metals in the garage door controller.

    Presently, when the function of your garage door appears to be dwindling, replacing your batteries would be the first option you do, as it’s the cheapest and easiest among all troubleshooting choices.

    And, once you’ve changed those batteries, the range would improve dramatically.

    2. Putting up another antenna extension

    One option you should do to improve the efficiency of your garage door opener would be to change the antennas on your opener.

    You can accomplish this by adding a transmitter extension to the garage door openers.

    There are plenty of choices available depending on the type you will add to your opener.

    If you are unsure which kind of transmitter addition is appropriate, call the customer assistance of the opener or check from the nearest garage door service.

    3. Moving the antenna further from the source of the disturbance

    If there’s something close in the garage doors interfering with the reception, consider relocating your antenna out from interferences to increase the range of your garage door opener.

    Straightforward as it sounds, but this can be more challenging than it appears.

    You might have to replace several of your door opener’s parts.

    If you’re not cautious, the openers could become faulty or even worse.

    In cases like these, it’s safest to seek a licensed garage door professional that will assist you with your situation.

    4. Trying to upgrade the remote control on your garage door

    The garage controller’s various parts will deteriorate over time, perhaps due to later life, reducing its efficiency and range.

    If the remote becomes too old, it will cause a host of concerns.

    One of the causes of this is a reduction in the function of the garage door.

    To test this hypothesis, you might have the automatic door controllers tested by the nearest garage door repair shop.

    They will have the equipment necessary to test the frequency of the garage door controller’s signal.

    Whenever the garage door remote controls are still performing poorly due to aging, get them replaced by new garage door controllers that are equally compatible with your opener of the garage door.

    Check out this video to help improve garage door opener reception.

    Final Thoughts

    If the diminishing scope of your garage door opener has been worrying you for a while, you should get your machine tested by a competent garage door mechanic.

    Professionals for garage door repairs and installation can help you out of this, and they might recommend effective solutions.

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