How To Adjust Garage Door Cable Tension

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    How To Adjust Garage Door Cable Tension

    Any garage door can fail for several reasons, and most of them are uncomplicated to fix.

    Problems with the garage door tension spring, on the other hand, appear to be more serious.

    For the garage door to function open or close smoothly, precise tension is essential.

    Whereas if tension on the springs isn’t set exactly, the garage door may raise or drop irregularly or at an improper speed.

    You may learn how to change garage door cable tension on your own.

    But, its wires and springs can be quite hard.

    It’s best to work with an expert to resolve the issue in no time.

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    If you intend to perform it yourself, you need to understand how to release the tension on a garage door spring.

    It has the potential to make the task easier.

    Below is a step-by-step guideline on adjusting garage door cables safely.

    What You’ll Need

    To adjust the garage door tension, you’ll need certain hardware and protective gear.

    • safety glasses
    • hard hat
    • protective gloves
    • adjustable wrench
    • flat-head screwdriver
    • solid ladder
    • pliers
    • c-clamps (2)
    • wire cutters
    • marker

    Safety Precautions

    Disconnect the electricity from your garage door opener. You don’t want any electrical disasters when working on how to adjust garage door cable tension.

    Steps on Adjusting Garage Door Cable Tension

    Removing Your Door Off the Track

    1. Close the garage door completely using the remote control.
    2. Once the cables become unbalanced or off track, a gap on the base of the door and its floor may be present.
    3. Try to shut your garage door. If there’s a space in between, don’t force it.
    4. Yank the linked cord to the opener. This process will disconnect the opener and the driving chain.
    5. Remove the door by guiding it using your hand and look for the tension springs.
    6. Remove the tension spring and find the attached cables.
    7. Manually raise the garage door to open this. Then, push it up vertically by holding its base.
    8. Lift it steadily so that it will follow the track, and open it all the way.
    9. Use your c-clamps to hold the door on top. Clamp the base part of the door to the roller. This will prevent the door from crashing down on you.

    Adjusting the Cables

    1. Remove the cable. You’ll be removing a cable that runs thru the body of the garage door directly just above the opening.
    2. One side is wrapped around rollers, while the other is linked to a latch or lock beside the entryway.
    3. You may also check for a frame with openings in it. To keep the wire from becoming loose, you’ll disconnect the cable end and connect that to one of the openings.
    4. Adjust the cable bracket using a pair of pliers whenever there’s a wide gap in between.
    5. Remove its bracket using the pliers. Then, tighten the cables by dragging them to the frame. Using the hook, reconnect the cables to the bracket.
    6. During the tightening process, never make the hook too loose. When that happens, the cables will undo or get twisted.
    7. It’s also worth noting that while tightening the shaft, just compress till all the gap in the cable is gone.
    8. Lower the door and afterward adjust the spring force using two steel rods.
    9. Lift the chain to rejoin the garage door to the track of the automatic opener.

    Check The Door

    1. Unclamp your door then test it to see how this all appears after you’ve made proper alterations. Change the door’s position till it shuts properly.
    2. Close the door entirely and check that it is working correctly. Allow the door to close on its own.
    3. When the cabling is done properly, there’ll be no gaps at the base of the garage door. Then, the lowest edge will be even with the concrete.


    It’s a sure thing that whenever you’re skilled enough, you can do this perfectly.

    However, never hesitate to call for the mechanics if all the procedures above are quite confusing.

    Watch this video to help you more about the process.

    Or, contact Joaquin Garage Doors if you’re living around Fresno.

    Joaquin Garage Doors provide full-service garage door repair in Fresno.

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