Heavy Duty Roll Up Commercial Garage Doors Repair

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    Heavy Duty Roll Up Commercial Garage Doors Repair

    Heavy duty roll-up commercial garage doors play a crucial role in ensuring that businesses operate smoothly. They not only provide security but also facilitate easy access to warehouses and commercial buildings. However, due to their frequent use and size, they can become susceptible to wear and tear. That’s where professional repair services come into play.

    Why Heavy Duty Roll Up Commercial Garage Doors Repair is Vital

    For starters, the robust nature of these doors means they undergo intense usage. So, the demand for maintenance and repair arises. Damaged doors can pose safety risks, hinder business operations, and affect the curb appeal of a commercial building. Regular repair and maintenance can prolong the door’s lifespan, improve its efficiency, and enhance safety.

    Detailed Table on Heavy Duty Roll Up Commercial Garage Doors Repair

    ProblemPossible CauseRecommended Solution
    Door doesn’t roll upObstruction in tracks, broken spring or cableClear obstruction, replace spring or cable
    Noisy operationLoose components, lack of lubricationTighten components, lubricate parts
    Door doesn’t close fullyMisaligned sensors, worn out sealAlign sensors, replace seal
    Remote control not workingDead batteries, interferenceReplace batteries, check for sources of interference
    Door stuck halfwayDamaged tracks, broken torsion springAdjust tracks, replace torsion spring

    Why Choose Us

    You might be wondering why our services stand out. Firstly, our team of experts is trained in diagnosing and handling all kinds of garage door problems. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on timely service delivery, ensuring minimal downtime for businesses. Our extensive experience in repairing commercial roll-up doors means we’ve seen it all and fixed it all. Also, our customer reviews speak volumes about our professionalism, dedication, and unparalleled service.

    Service Areas

    • Tower District Fresno
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    • Cincotta Fresno

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often should I service my commercial roll-up garage door?

    Regular maintenance is essential. We recommend a routine checkup every six months, and more frequent inspections for doors with high usage.

    Can I repair the door myself?

    While minor maintenance tasks like lubrication can be done yourself, most repairs, especially those involving springs or cables, should be left to professionals.

    What signs indicate my door needs immediate attention?

    Unusual noises, slow response time, sagging sections, and the door refusing to open or close are signs of a potential problem. In such cases, opt for emergency repairs.

    How do I know if my door sensors are misaligned?

    If your door doesn’t close or reverses before hitting the ground, the sensors might be misaligned. Check the LED lights on the sensors. If they’re blinking, alignment is needed.


    Heavy duty roll-up commercial garage doors are indispensable for businesses. Ensuring they’re in optimal condition guarantees security and smooth operations. With us, you get comprehensive repair solutions tailored to your needs. Whether it’s a simple fix or an intricate repair job, our team is always prepared. We’ve crafted a reputation based on trust, reliability, and stellar service. If you’re facing issues with your commercial garage door, don’t wait. Contact us today and let’s restore functionality to your door.

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