Garage Door Dent Repair

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    Garage Door Dent Repair

    In a real sense, there’s no definable indicator of how one perceives the first impression.

    However, there’s a compelling reality underneath a home’s curb appeal.

    Prospective homeowners are at times under some influence of their first perception of a new house.

    Like a tiny stone thrown off the driving bicycle, objects could go entirely wrong if they notice things, including a dented garage door.

    You could always hire garage door experts to help you save from this issue.

    Services from Joaquin Garage Doors might be for you.

    Our specialty is mainly from garage door installation to garage door repair in Fresno.

    How to Fix Dented Garage Doors in Two Methods

    To help you in the garage door dent repair, here are two techniques to do.

    The first method is by using a rubber mallet, and the next one is through compressed air.

    Repairing a Dented Garage Door with a Rubber Mallet

    The good thing is that repairing your damaged garage is an uncomplicated operation that does not need the skilled abilities of a skilled craftsman, and possibilities are you have the necessary supplies sitting inside your house.

    What You’ll Need

    • rubber mallet
    • wooden block
    • fine-grit sandpaper
    • patching material
    • putty knife
    • paint

    The mallet technique is a tested solution for leveling out the damaged area of the garage door.

    1. The initial step is cleaning the damaged area properly and letting it dry completely.
      Wash away dust, filth, and mud using lukewarm water and soap, after which dry the surface with either a towel or air dry.
    2. Set the wooden block on the damaged area and hammer this with a rubber mallet to smooth out all the surfaces.
      Probably, this won’t be flawless, but somehow the problematic dent must be removed using a rubber mallet.
    3. The rest would be taken care of by fine-grit sandpaper.
      Improve the overall surface by using fine-grit sandpaper to smoothen the surface.
    4. It is already time to pull out your filling substance, as in putty or automobile fillers.
      Such product will be used to fill the deformed, sanded portion, laying it to patch in dents plus flatten it out.
    5. Use the putty knife to spread the filling material evenly and smoothly.
      Since you’ll be sanding this over once more to smooth it, don’t be afraid to apply a generous amount of patching substance over the damaged area. It is preferable to have too much stuff throughout the dented surface than not having enough.
    6. After allowing the spot to air dry – read the package recommendations to determine how long it will need to dry.
      Re-sand the sport with a new sheet of sandpaper. The part has now been filled in and elevated to the same level as the remainder of your door.
    7. The finishing touches for this procedure are straightforward: primer then paint.
      What you’ll need now is a paintbrush, primer, paint matching the color of the surface of the door.

    Paint it over and let it dry.

    After finishing, people won’t even be able to say your garage door was punctured.

    Repair The Dented Garage Door Using Compressed Air

    The mallet approach takes a long time and, perhaps, more effort than most decide to put in to restore a dent in your garage door.

    There’s also another process, but it may entail driving off to obtain a compressed gas canister when you don’t own one at your disposal.

    The compressed air system is much quicker and can repair multiple garage dents in less than 10 minutes.

    What You’ll Need

    You must have all of the materials prepared by keeping the following items readily at hand:

    • A canister of compressed air
    • Aluminum foil (size: enough to cover the dented surface)
    • source of heat (such as lighter, etc.)

    A compressed air process starts the same as the first method.

    Clean your garage door after washing it with warm water and detergent.

    Let it dry after.

    1. Position a sheet of aluminum foil at the dent, ensuring to cover it completely.
    2. Heat the placed aluminum foil consistently in about 1 minute with the heat source.
    3. Once the foil has gone pretty warm, detach it and immediately spray that dent sideways using the pressurized air canister for 30 seconds.
    4. Notice the dent vanishes due to the tremendous differential pressure from the compressed air’s pure carbon and the thermal energy.
      This process causes the dented surface to pop upright. It must take between 1-2 minutes.
    5. Take into account that the pressurized air technique does not operate on absolutely massive or persistent dents.
      So in that case, you will need to resort to the first method using the mallet and wooden block.

    For much of anything, the air compressor approach is worth trying because this requires less time and effort to eliminate the dent, and if it succeeds, render it a win-win situation.


    Dents on your garage door could be annoying when it significantly affects the facade of your home.

    If you are hesitant to do the garage door dent repair by yourself and might think you might worsen it, call for some experts.

    Services from Joaquin Garage Doors are one of the professionals you need to fix your garage door dents.

    You can opt to use our services for garage door repair in Fresno.

    Plus, if you’re a new house owner, we also offer garage door installation in Fresno. Contact us now!

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