Coiling Steel Overhead Doors Repair: All You Need to Know

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    Coiling Steel Overhead Doors Repair

    Coiling steel overhead doors, frequently used in commercial and industrial spaces, provide durability and security. Yet, like all equipment, they can suffer from wear and tear over time. That’s where the necessity for timely and effective repairs comes into play. In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of coiling steel overhead doors repair and why it’s essential.

    Key Components and Common Issues

    Coiling steel overhead doors are composed of multiple components, and problems can arise in any of these. Here’s a table detailing the primary parts and their frequent issues:

    ComponentCommon Issues
    Door slatsDents, cracks, or misalignment
    SpringsWear and tear, breaking
    RollersMisalignment, wear out
    TracksObstructions, misalignment
    Locks and handlesJamming, breaking
    Door motorElectrical issues, malfunction

    Fortunately, with the right expertise, most of these issues can be addressed swiftly.

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    4 Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What leads to a coiling steel overhead door malfunctioning?

    Common causes include wear and tear, misalignment, and obstructions in the tracks. Sometimes, electrical issues in the motor can also lead to malfunctioning. Regularly referring to a maintenance checklist can prevent these problems.

    2. How frequently should I service my coiling steel overhead door?

    For optimal performance, it’s recommended to schedule a garage door tune-up in Fresno annually.

    3. My door is making noise. What should I do?

    Noises can arise from several issues. It’s advisable to consult professionals if you hear unusual sounds. You can learn more about the causes of garage door noises here.

    4. How can I manually operate the door during power outages?

    Manually operating the door is possible by disengaging the motor. Learn how to open the garage door manually from outside here.


    Coiling steel overhead doors offer durability and security. However, when issues arise, it’s paramount to address them promptly. Whether you’re grappling with misalignment, dents, or noises, trust us for an impeccable repair service. Our expertise in garage door services in Fresno ensures your doors are always in prime condition. Got more queries or need a repair? Don’t hesitate. Contact us now.

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